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The Seneca Barn

It includes 2 12x31s on the end with an 18x31 in the middle. This carport has 8' legs on the sides with 10' legs in the middle. It is the Boxed Eve Style Roof 



 Fully Enclosed                           Utility Carport

This style carport is a 20x26 with 8 ft legs                 This is a 20x31 with 7 foot legs

45' Cuts Carport          

The 45' cut is a 20x21with 8'legs. It is the           

boxed eve style with (4) 9x7 cut outs at $150      

each. It also includes (2) extended gables at         

 $175 each with (2) extra 21' panels on each




          Triple Wide

The triple wide is a 30x31 with 10' legs. It has a Vertical

roof with 2 gables, (6) mobile home anchors, and an extra

panel on each side to elongate the sides


50 Wide 21 long with sides closed and 2 gable ends

 Standard Double Carport 18x21






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